What makes RKD Law different?

RKD Law’s focus is narrow compared to most business law firms. Many firms provide a wide range of services to a wide range of clients, but we’re not that law firm. We have chosen to specialize in being the closing counsel for small and medium sized businesses and lenders.

That choice was not by accident. It’s an acknowledgement that by focusing on a narrow practice, the firm has unmatched abilities. Like many of the business owners we represent, we understand that with specialization comes expertise and efficiency.

A number of attorneys and law firms do this kind of work, but:

  • How well do they do it?
  • How efficient are they?
  • What’s their level of experience and knowledge?
  • How many other types of work do these attorneys perform?
  • Do they also dabble in estate planning, tax law, business formation, or mergers and acquisitions?

That lack of focus could mean reduced efficiency, high cost, and mistakes that could have been avoided by a more specialized attorney.

We are a small law firm. We don’t have a massive office meant to impress, or a hardened bureaucracy running the firm behind closed doors. As a result we also don’t have exorbitant overhead to pass on to clients in the form of higher costs and fees.

Though we specialize in closing deals for our clients, that doesn’t mean we take a narrow approach to what we do. We have an in-depth understanding of the law, business transactions, and our clients. We understand the much larger picture for our clients, and how the deal we’re working on fits into that picture and helps the client reach its overall goals.

As a small firm we feel invested in our clients’ success and will go out of our way to serve their needs and maintain open communications with them. We welcome questions and want to hear our clients’ concerns so we can address them.

We offer a set, predictable billing arrangement that makes our practice more efficient. We close commercial transactions using the highest levels of technology available to complete them as quickly, efficiently and accurately as possible.


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